Horizontal Fiber Connector Closure and Hafu Fiber Connector Clo


    The Fiber Optic Splice Closure, also known as the fiber optic cable connection box, is an indispensable important component in the optical cable line. It plays a vital role in the protection of the fiber optic cable connection and the communication transmission quality of the incoming line. Generally applicable to fiber optic cable connection of overhead, pipeline and direct burial.

    The horizontal fiber optic splice closure is separated by two halves. After the fuses are connected, after the waterproof material is placed, close the screws and fix the screws so that the cables can be waterproofed, and the connected cables are not disturbed by water vapor.

    The furcation structure refers to the split structure, which is usually divided into two halves. When the hafur structure is demolded, the two halves of the split cavity are opened first. At this time, the injection molded part is generally wrapped on the punch by shrinkage, and then the top plate (rod) pushes out the plastic part to complete the demolding action. As for how to distinguish the mold is a few plate structure, mainly to see whether the main channel (casting system) has a parting surface, that is, there are two parting surfaces, it is a three-plate structure.

    The horizontal fiber optic splice closure is also a structure separated on both sides. According to the Hafu structure, this is called the Hafu structure in the injection mold, so it is also called the Hafu fiber optic splice closure.

    When do I need a horizontal fiber optic splice closure? There are the following points:

    1.When the cable is used for construction, because the distance is relatively long and the length of the cable is limited, it is necessary to add a fiber optic splice closure to connect the cable.

    2.When the communication is repaired, it is also necessary to use the fiber optic splice closure to connect the cable at this time.

    3.When the cable construction requires a large cable to be separated into several small-core optical cables, it is also necessary to use a fiber optic splice closure to connect the optical cable. Cables of different core numbers can be allocated to different cells.

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