Fiber Optic Splice Closure Fiber Cut Causes And Avoid Analysis


    Fiber Optic Splice Closure is found everywhere in the communications industry, but the cable splice closures are not lost during the connection. As for some units in the cable laying, the cable loss caused by the construction is not according to the standard and according to the construction, so that after a few years, the scene of the broken core and the like appears. After the experts began to analyze, it was concluded that the factors of large loss and broken core were mainly because the construction team was not professional, and the quality of the welding personnel was not advanced. So today, we are mainly talking about the reasons and solutions for the loss of overhead construction of optical cables and welding.

    (1) Reasons for fiber breakage

    1. Caused during the transportation and transfer process.

    2. Caused during construction.

    3. In the process of welding and fiberizing.

    4. The quality of the welded heat shrinkable tube is poor, and it is affected by external factors for a long time.

    5. The welding staff has a low level of workmanship.

    (2) Ways to avoid

    1. In the process of transportation and transfer, protection measures must be adopted to avoid such scenes.

    2. Strictly implement according to the standard standards for optical cable laying during construction, avoiding all kinds of thinking and practices that are not conducive to optical cable, and to prevent micro-duration, avoiding small practices and luck, resulting in minimally invasive and degrading optical cable life inside the cable. .

    3. The welded fiber must be cautious in the process of disc fiber to avoid damage in the process of disc fiber.

    4. Unqualified casings and are now deformed or resolutely contaminated.

    5. Improve the level of business skills of the welding personnel, choose the person with the heart, the patience, and the person in charge.

    The above is the reason and solution for the loss of the optical cable connector box. We must pay attention to and solve various problems caused by the use of optical fiber, and do what we should do to fulfill our responsibilities. This will definitely be in the design of optical fiber communication engineering. Production, construction and maintenance have been satisfactorily resolved and upgraded.

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