Green Telecom Analysis Of Several Common Fiber Failure


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    Anyone who has done network troubleshooting knows where it is important to start looking for faults. Here are some of the most common fiber failures and the possible factors that can cause them to be helpful, and this information will help users make educated guesses about network failures.

    Fiber breaks are usually due to physical extrusion or excessive bending of external forces;
    Insufficient transmission power;
    Excessive fiber laying distance may cause signal loss;
    Damage to the connector may result in loss of signal;
    Fiber optic connectors and connector failures can cause signal loss;
    Excessive fiber optic connectors and connectors can cause loss of signal;
    The fiber patch panel or splicetra connection is faulty.
    In general, if the connection is completely unreachable, it is likely to be a fiber break. However, if the connection is intermittent, there may be the following reasons:
    The production level is poor or the number of times of bonding is too high, causing serious fiber attenuation;
    Damage to the connector due to factors such as dust, fingerprints, abrasions, humidity, etc.;
    Transmission power is too low;
    The connector in the wiring closet is wrong.

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