Sharing Of The Hoop Structure Of The Horizontal Fiber Optic Spl



    The horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure adopts a hoop fastening box body. The hoop structure has two screws fixing structure, a single-sided screw fixing structure and a quick holding structure. According to the number of incoming and outgoing optical cables, the corresponding type of horizontal optical cable connector box is selected due to the optical cable connection. The outlets are distributed on both sides of the box, and the number of inlet and outlet cables is generally described as several in and out (currently on the market from one to one to six in and six out); and the cap type cable connector box is distributed in the box due to the inlet and outlet of the cable. On one side, the number of inlet and outlet cables is generally described as several inlet and outlet cables (currently from two to eight inlet and outlet ports on the market); in addition, since the inlet and outlet of the cable connector box can be sealed by plugging or plugging, When selecting, the number of inlet and outlet cables of the product can be greater than the number of inlet and outlet cables used (but not less than, so it is not enough).
    According to the diameter of the cable, the corresponding model is selected: Due to the limitation of the size of the cable connector box, a connector box cannot be adapted to all the cables. Therefore, when selecting the connector box, it is necessary to select the appropriate cable according to the applicable range of the cable of each connector box. Connector box. Horizontal cable connector box structure features: high mechanical strength, good sealing performance, alloy casing is treated with electrification, corrosion resistance, excellent performance, sealed with sealing ring and silicone, can be repeatedly opened, expanded, repaired, multiplexed and so on. The cable is fixed by the aluminum tube matched with the diameter of the cable to prevent the cable from being damaged. It can be installed in different parts of the tower and installed firmly. The joint box of the rod is fixed by stainless steel belt. It is easy to operate and can be applied to different rod diameters. Can be installed in different locations.
    The cable splice closure further reduces initial construction costs. Finally, when the technician is maintaining, repairing, and opening the service, the two basic areas of the FTTP network—the interface between the feeder segment and the distribution device—the interface between the distribution device and the incoming fiber optic cable of the outdoor device—use The connector will make access easy and reduce costs. The above is the hoop structure of the horizontal cable connector box described in this article.

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