Enamelled Copper Wire Testing Introduction


    After the manufacture of the product, the appearance, size and performance of the product conform to the technical standards, and the requirements of the technical agreement of the user, and must be judged by the inspection beam and measured. Test, the product technical standards or the user in the technical agreement, which meets the requirements is qualified; on the contrary, it is not qualified. To examine the stability of the product quality and material and the rationality of the process, the quality inspection checks, with the role of prevention and identification. The contents of Enameled Copper Wire inspection include measurement of appearance and size, performance testing. The performance includes mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties and electrical properties.

    Compliance and flexibility - 20% enameled copper wire and core rod packing assessment conductors, looking for the coating of cracks due to stretching line and then drawn yarn wrapped around a screw mandrel way to specify the size of the target. Heat shock - confirmation of the heat pressure level magnet. Lead samples using preadhesion and elastic testing, the coil is placed in the air circulation oven for 30 minutes, removed and then examined for cracks in the film coating.

    Dielectric breakdown - the average dielectric breakdown of magnetic line samples by using [TP] double stranded wire samples, conductor metal foil wrapping and cylinder (very fine measuring line) method. All methods have guidelines for the minimum decomposition listed in this type of test. The continuity test is to evaluate the defect of magnetic wire insulation. The enameled copper wire is applied to the conductor to indicate the length of the film insulation.

    Our quality testing laboratory is well equipped and can be tested and certified according to national standards. Strict system control and testing procedures to ensure product reliability. Constantly re-evaluate to affect future improvements. All relevant data is recorded and maintained so that all information can be obtained at any time. All products are subject to the above test before delivery.

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