Downtown Eco-Friendly Wedding


    WORK BUDDIES They toiled together at Bronco's for two years before their first date. “Sometimes you find love in strange places and sometimes even over french fries,’’ Alixandria says.

    SHE’S A WINNER While living in St. Louis, Nicholas told Alixandria to be awake and look nice at 6 a.m., and she honestly thought she had won the HGTV Urban Oasis. Instead, it was a hot-air balloon ride. “We were mid-flight when Nicholas tried to get down on one knee, but there was hardly enough room,’’ Alixandria recalls. “As he began his sappy speech, the pilot kept cranking the propane, interrupting Nicholas (unintentionally). We were laughing and crying so hard our faces hurt.’’

    VETERAN GUESTS After attending many weddings, they knew what was important: guests and food. They’re not traditional either, so they planned on a blush wedding gown and to have their dog in attendance. Sadly, Ella died a few months before the big day.

    SPECIAL TOUCHES They both are hugely proud of their dimples, so “The Secret Dimple Society” became their wedding brand. Each guest was touched to find a handwritten note from the bride or groom at their table, and a ticket to the late-night food truck. The industrial framework of the Living Room was transformed with tulle, greenery and warm lighting. They skipped the guestbook and gift table but encouraged guests to donate to a local arts campaign. “One card still hangs on our fridge though,’’ Alixandria says. “We love to travel, and so does a distant relative. They gave us a two-page handwritten note of seven places to visit. It was one of the most genuine gifts we have ever shared and showed us how much our family realizes what we value as a couple.’’

    HOOPS STAR Alixandria decided to play a little basketball while shooting wedding portraits in the park. “I don’t think I even hit the backboard during a single layup,’’ she laughs. “Our wedding party still won’t let me live it down.’’

    ALONE TIME They shared their first dance while guests finished dinner and watched their “Love Story” video. It was a sweet moment that ended with a big announcement. “We were relocating back to Omaha and kept it all a secret – even from our parents,’’ Alixandria says.

    GO GREEN They are both environmentally conscious and tried to find small solutions to reduce waste. They printed save-the-date inserts on seedling paper intended to be planted. They asked for online RSVPs on their wedding website hosted by Riley & Gray Luxury Weddings. “The site gave us our own domain name and password protection, and allowed our guests to send their updated information, donate to our charity and electronically submit their full RSVP,’’ Alixandria says.

    ALL ABOARD Alixandria loves to travel, and Nicholas can’t wait to discover the places they’ll go. After eight years of dating, they’ve grown up together, and Alixandria is proud of the man Nicholas has become. “He knew me when I was a poor college student eating cereal three times a day and would go a week without brushing my hair, and he still married me.’’Read more at:formal dresses uk