MapleStory 2 Introduces the Soul Binder Class

  • MapleStory 2 is bringing a slew of additions similar to the highly-anticipated Soul Binder class, new Sky Fortress area, a PvP mode and many more.
    The game’s new Soul Binder class can be quite a hybrid magic damage dealer and healer who studies ancient magic taught only from the depths inside mysterious Halo Mountains. While her spellcasting power is raw, players must train to tap in your devastating MapleStory 2 Mesos potential within.
    A new area is often available with each on the Sky Fortress, an innovative staging ground warship that remains within the skies. Along with all the modern location, the Epic Quest continues with new Faction Missions assigned because on the five factions who've gathered together much like the honorable warriors through the Royal Guard, the agents while using the Dark Wind, in addition to being the spiritual spellcasters with the Lumiknights. Each faction have their own personal shop, unique items, skins, chat bubbles, decorations, sometimes more.
    In addition, MapleStory 2 is introducing its PvP mode with every one of the Maple Arena, a 1-on-1, best of three matchup between players to exhibit their skills and claim brand-new PvP gear. Also, to bridge the gap for Maplers trying to get to the previously released Hard Chaos Raids, new Normal Chaos Raids have been added and Hard Adventure Dungeons are actually adjusted which assists players be well prepared properly towards the final challenge of Chaos Raids!
    To celebrate the update, Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos is hosting a Skybound Celebration event where Maplers level 10 and above who log-in on the primary month over the update might get 30 Elixirs, 30 Master Potions, in addition to your Level Up Booster Ticket, which boosts combat, performance and fishing experience. Once players reached level 60, they is often able to assert additional items including a level-up potion which instantly boosts a character to level 50 and much more epic rewards.
    With the update, festive seasonal holiday events arrive to Maple World. Players can stroll into Merry Village and claim many special prizes.