The locked-down nature of game consoles—Sony

  • The locked-down nature of game consoles—Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have costly processes that needs to be followed every time a sport is patched—can present a difficulty for free-to-play games, which typically are updated constantly to enhance players' experience (and add new methods for them to cover).
    For now, games using a PC version MS2 Mesos as well to be a console version could be something of any two-tiered system: The PC version, which developers can tweak and refine incessantly, and also the console version, which provides the improvements already proven inside PC version.
    As enthusiastic as free-to-play evangelists like Schubert can be concerning the future on the concept, they warn against taking the slippery slope of chasing microtransactions. In his talk, he emphasized the need for free-to-play designers always having someone MapleStory 2 Gold inside room to advocate for players' interests; anyone to ensure that conversations don't shift much into strategies of squeezing players for every single penny.
    "You want visitors to feel good about every dollar they provide you with," Schubert said.