MapleStory 2’s launch did well on Steam, though the Mapleopoly

  • Good news, MapleStory 2 fans, the overall game did well after its first day on Steam! The chart for the overall game is obviously not an indication of everyone playing the action (as there are other ways to experience the title), however it attracted solid MS 2 Mesos numbers with over 26,000 playing at launch. Respectable! Pity it then started to have some notable issue with one of its launch events, the Mapleopoly game.
    What happened was which the reward for fully clearing the board on one occasion was 15 MapleCoins, that has been fine in in addition to itself… but a trip across the board usually cost a whole lot or less. Thus, to maintain things balanced, it turned out necessary to change that reward to three Maple Mushroom potions… which left those that Buy MS 2 Mesos hadn’t yet been clearing the board ignored. So everyone who hits level 50 prior to a event is finished will receive 150 MapleCoins at no cost, thus preserving the ability without leaving things in a unbalanced state. If you’re interested in what has people playing the experience at this point, you may check out MJ’s launch-day stream below.