Known Issues

  •     The Runeblade tutorial is not completed if your player loots items until inventory is full.
        Guild application notification number appears for regular guild members.
        Game remains on Nexon logo screen when third party audio and streaming are running.
        In game browser becomes unresponsive after clicking a link that opens Chrome.
        UGC items inside Design Shop through an apostrophe inside name are not linked into chat.
        Dark Cell Prison Key might MapleStory 2 Mesos be obtained to get a looted item, but not incorporates a use inside game.
        Gathering gain amount is incorrectly calculated with multiple gathering buffs active.
        Hairstyle Vol. 1 won't count on the progression for the trophy Trend-setter for the majority of players.
        Note: A set of Known Issues concerning Dex and Luck affecting secondary stats were originally listed as Known  Issues. We are further investigating the down sides to identify the challenge, all of that may update this as we know  more.
        Note: A Known Issue nevertheless Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos Priest and Knight off-hand items wasn't causing Gear Score was  originally listed. This is being intended, and continues to become removed from this list. We apologize to the  confusion.