Heralded as the definitive version with the initial PC game

  • Heralded as the definitive version with the initial PC game, Pocket MapleStory allows players to craft the best hero squad and master each character’s skills and strengths to battle their way by way of an grand adventure like little or no other on the mobile device. Pocket MapleStory features:
        A complete MMORPG experience using a mobile device featuring over 1,500 quests
        The first mobile version with real-time MS 2 Mesos online multiplayer to ensure network party play
        Three different heroes, Duel Blade, Angerlic Buster and Demon Slayer each with some other skills and fighting styles
        Fun rivalry with all the Dungeon and Guild system to contest with friends online
        Personalization of characters and items
        Bright and colorful graphics reminiscent of the primary PC game
    “Pocket MapleStory has enormous global appeal and recognition being a beloved game for fans of the primary MapleStory PC sport and MMORPG titles, generally,” said Myoung Il Kim, the Director of Pocket MapleStory, NEXON Korea. “The continued rollout in new Buy MS 2 Mesos countries will give the many more fans access to have an unforgettable mobile experience they might take together wherever each.”
    Pocket MapleStory happens to be available for download via mobile device from Google Play (link) for Android in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Following the soft launch and testing of the event, Pocket MapleStory will release in markets round the globe.