Nexon has finally provided us a glance at gameplay

  • Nexon has finally provided us a glance at gameplay in their upcoming MMORPG, MapleStory 2. The game is becoming in development since 2010 and is also also considered a prequel towards original MapleStory.
    Featured above, you'll be able to view footage captured directly on the action’s current Alpha build. Nexon wishes to give us a perception of how the MS2 Mesos adventure will look and feel entirely 3D, specifically the ultra-modern environments, the boss fights, combat, thereby on. The game might also come by brand extras like swimming, driving, and even wall-climbing.
    Nexon will hold a “Supporters Day” in late June, the approaches special few who're invited will reach see the knowledge in person, and be capable of discuss Buy MS2 Mesos it utilizing the developers. MapleStory 2 is set for your worldwide release, though it’s set for a closed beta sometime last year in South Korea.
    We’ll help to keep you guys posted.