It’s not easy to predict where MapleStory 2 go

  • It’s not easy to predict where MapleStory 2 go, whether or not this will capture that same dedicated audience since its predecessor, or if it's going to fall into your same traps that triggered its demise. Some in the things that plagued an original game, for example DDOS attacks during one winter and random lag, are due to age and outdated infrastructure. The game boasts a limited MapleStory 2 Mesos quantity of meaningful end-game content, that may bore veteran players who burned throughout the main story.
    Worst of, the existing MapleStory were built with a pay-to-win streak through a function aptly named the Cash Shop. I was doing spending almost $4,000 on the bingo over the course of an year playing my character Mercedes, an elf queen who wields dual bowguns. Each seemingly minor upgrade to my wardrobe and battle stats added up after some time, causing that large amount. And I wasn’t alone. Players who spend real money within the game have an extreme advantage as compared to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos unfunded players. Challenging bosses like Lotus, that can shoot lasers all angles, while rocks fall from your sky, require multiple players with funding to form groups and defeat it. (Luckily, I was competent to re-sell a great deal of that gear, recouping all-around half products I spent from the game.)